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Wild Night Out

I was woken by strange noises. My hearing's a good bit less than perfect, but there was a distinct paper-rustling followed by footsteps creeping across the wood floor in the lounge, as if someone was going through my papers. I can't think why anyone should want to - there's nothing there of interest to anyone but me. I lay there quietly, listening hard and remembering that gale-force winds had been forecast overnight.

Suddenly there was a low howl, as of several ghosts simultaneously imitating a sharp intake of breath. I hurriedly turned on the bedside light, just in time to see the curtains being sucked against the windows before the air pressure differential switched again and they billowed out into the room.

By this time, of course, I was well awake! I donned specs, slippers, robe. I could still hear unidentifiable noises from downstairs, so exited the room with quiet care, leaning to turn on lights ahead of me and peering round the corners of the stairwell in case there was someone hiding there. There wasn't, of course. All I found was some letters from the Council, that had become detatched from the pinboard in the kitchen and were being encouraged across the floor by a highly hyperactive cat. (Survival characteristic, I would guess - keeping adrenaline levels high during times of potential danger.) Strong gusts of wind rattled the cat flap and the ventilator and blew rain in underneath the back door (must get that fixed).

My own adrenaline levels were pretty high by this time - creeping back to bed and sleep was out of the question - so the good old panaceas of tea, cigs and biscuits have been called into play. A quick peek out the patio windows shows nothing amiss in the garden: the fences and trees are still in place, though I daresay dawn will show empty plant pots and weed buckets liberally distributed. Another quick peek out the front shows me to be the only one awake in the vicinity, unless others are cowering in the dark.

I've been awake about an hour now, and still feel hyper. My head hurts. I'm running out of biscuits. More tea is required ... :-)
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