Squibbet (squibbet) wrote,

Pope John Paul 2nd

I have no religion - in fact I'm so agnostic, I can't even decide whether or not to be atheist. I frequently disagreed with Pope John Paul's views and decisions, particularly where Aids and birth control are concerned, but his views were founded on a basic regard for the sanctity of human life, and I can't argue with that. He battled for many years against injury, disease and Papal tradition with a courage and tenacity I couldn't hope to emulate. He was one of the few leaders of people who argued constantly for peace and reconciliation, and in my view the world stage is a grimmer place without him.

If I'm going to miss him, how much more will his flock grieve? I offer my condolences to all so affected, and fervently hope the cardinals can find someone with similar gentleness of spirit to follow in his footsteps.
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