Squibbet (squibbet) wrote,

Doing stuff

I was very busy on Monday ... went for a longish (for me) walk - 20 minutes at a steady pace up and down hills, including the shops en route, and a real good long and productive couple of sessions in the garden. Tuesday I ached. Wednesday I ached everywhere. Then the physio came Wednesday afternoon and sorted me out ... aaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Today, I've been busy again. I finally repaired the curtain hem - the dropped section had grown from a mere couple of feet in length to 6 feet or more in the few days I'd left it undone. D'oh! And I spent another goodly spell in the garden, planting choleuses (?cholei?) and hacking back stuff that has really overdone the burgeoning thing this year. There's still a lot to do, but if I can have another couple of goes like today and Monday, I should break the back of it. If mine doesn't go first! Then there'l just be the heavy shrub-shifting bit to do ... each one may need a couple of days work, I suspect, but I'm determined to manage it myself again!

The drawback of a physically-demanding day is that I get hungry, but too weary to be bothered to get anything. Thank goodess for send-outs! Pizza Monday (leftovers Tuesday) and Chineefoo today (leftovers tomorrow). You can have too much of any one type of these though ... wonder what I'll do next time?
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