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Ermmm... been busy the last couple of days.

Yoga Tuesday morning wasn't what I expected. I've done yoga 4 times before - 3 general groups and one at a private mental health clinic - and we always did a lot of floor work, lying down to clear the mind to start, then some warm-up stretching, more moves standing up (or sitting or crouching - whatever the move required), then lying down again for a guided meditation at the end. Here we all sat in armchairs for the mind-clearance, followed by a great deal of chat, then most of us stood for the stretches, which seemed to be the main exercise rather than a warm-up and were done much too quickly, then sat down again for the meditation. To be fair, the rest of the group seemed to range from large to obese and some had definite mobility problems and would probably find getting up and down extremely difficult. Also mats are available for any who want to lie down, so I'll probably do that next week. Bit nervous at being the only one though.

Lunch was also not quite what I was expecting - canned tomatoes on toast, with cake afterwards for 10p extra, where I'd kinda expected something more dinner-ish. I know this is the NHS and I guess funds are stretched, but the option of a fried/poached egg or some grated cheese on top or something would've been better. I'd hoped I'd not need to have a 'proper' meal in the evening, but no such luck. Still, I *did* manage to eat (in public) and explain to someone, after struggling to properly swallow my mouthful, that I was physically unable to carry on a conversation at the same time. And I didn't have a coughing fit - an added and unusual bonus :)

CBT was hard work, as usual, and of course, I have to make up the unfinished homework as well as doing this week's homework before next Tuesday. Part of that's a running journal which I *am* managing so far.

Craft yesterday went much better - it was enjoyable, I mostly used my own kit, I was pleased with my finished result, and got home feeling enthused. I was also very tired, and by the time I'd had a nap the enthusiasm had dissipated, but it shows promise :)

This afternoon I have a neighbour coming round to collect some crochet blankets & stuff I've made but have no use for, to sell for village hall restoration funds. And then this evening I have to call my NoPanic mentor. And I need to call the doc's for more meds, and arrange for my hedge-cutter to call, and do some ironing ... some cleaning would make the place look better and a change of bedsheets would be nice too ... :)

*sigh* I know there's supposed to be no rest for the wicked, but I've been good ... honest, I have!
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