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Click4PC warning

This is the company that failed miserably to repair my old laptop, persuaded me to buy a reconditioned machine, gave me back someone else's laptop when I asked for mine to be returned, then gave me the wrong hard drive, and have 'lost' the cover plate that keeps the hard drive in place.

Some of you will know that I like to play at writing little programs of my own using VB6 ... I'm doing one atm to load up the puzzles that I like doing so I can play them over without having to rub them out (you can always see your pencil marks, and it eventually destroys the paper!). When I test it using a small grid, it sets it up fine; when I try using the largest grid, it's very slow and bombs out due to lack of available memory. So Paul, my friendly PC Dr, just came to see if it was a memory allocation problem or if I needed more RAM installed ... it turned out to be the latter.

Now, I had extra RAM installed on the old one to accommodate BTinternet, so I wondered if that might fit. Paul opened the appropriate cover ... and the RAM isn't there!!! Click4PC have stolen it!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!

As it happens, it wouldn't have fitted anyway, but that's not the point. The point is ...

Anyone living in the West Midlands who is tempted to enlist the help of Click4PC - DON'T!!

And please pass this on to anyone else you know. They're based in Bromsgrove, but advertise with a freephone number.
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