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Hello readers. This is Sarah, Marion's daughter.
I realise that my mum hasn't posted to LJ for some time, but I hope that her friends are still looking out for posts, and will see this.

Marion has taken a turn for the worse, and has been at QE hospital, Birmingham since Friday 12th August. She was diagnosed with a pneumonia which, in characteristic form, she now appears to have recovered from. However, her cancer-related symptoms have worsened and she is now expected to deteriorate.
My sister and I have been sitting vigil with her and communicating with her when possible. She has continued to express her caring nature and  contagious sense of humour throughout this very difficult time.
She is due to be moved to the Primrose Hospice, Princess of Wales hospital, Bromsgrove tomorrow.

While she is frequently minimally responsive, and so may not be able to provide very much input, anyone who would like to visit her in her last few days, send a token or send their thoughts, are welcome to leave a message here or contact me on 07980 649 832 or skaerysarah (at) hotmail.com

over and out.

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