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squibbet's Journal

13 July 1949
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I am a hedgehog.

Rarely seen, I bumble about quietly, minding my own business. I'm normally pretty harmless; indeed, much of what I do can actually be quite useful. But ...

... I can be very prickly if rubbed up the wrong way!

Highlights to date :

* I spent my working life as a computer programmer (now known as Real programming). I am now something of a technophobe :$

* My favourite occupations are soft crafts (embroidery, patchwork, knitting etc), gardening (both pretty and practical) and DIY. Much of the last two are no longer available to me, but the knowledge is still there.

* I have 2 daughters, aged 29 and 25, both off living their own lives now, a 6-year-old cat called Freyja (aka Beautiful) and 2 3-year old cats called Artemis (aka FatCat) and Persephone (aka BabyCat).

* I have been divorced from my husband of 36 years for 1 year.

* I had (maybe still have) a tumour that has destroyed or damaged nerves that work the right side of my face. I'm still coming to terms with this.

* I expect my 'Headless Chicken' routine to become world-famous. Some day.

* I would really like to live a ridiculously long time, write a book, redesign my house, become self-sufficient, create an outstanding work of craft, finish a program written for my own benefit (rather than for money) and set foot on some other world(s). But I probably won't. Or not all of them.

Wish List (For anyone who might be interested)

a) Full-spectrum daylight lamp, with an alarm-clock style timer that creates a false dawn; if it also has optional birdsong, so much the better!

b) Birdsong CD

c) 3-tier cat-scratching post, the ledges covered with close-fibre (not fluffy) carpeting in either blue or brown

d) Magbifying mirror with integral light